The Parent & Child WellBeing conference was launched as regional Conference in April 2018. 25 experts participated over one full day delivering 4 main sessions and 6 afternoon workshops.

The PCW was established to become a regional and leading conference. Our aim is to build and engage in progressive dialogue between the region’s parenting community and regional experts in the field of modern day parenting. We aim to focus on child development and to build connections to support parents and children.

Our second conference under the title of ‘Body & Soul’ will focus on two main themes; NUTRITION and BEHAVIOUR . Led by a panel of experts, we will explore and discuss in depth the issues of nutrition and Behaviour; Practical Food & Food labeling advice, Health related advice, Spine Health, conditions related to Immune System, Alternative Learning, Methods, Parenting by Connection. Do you feel frustrated when kids do not listen? Do your kids drag bed time? Sibling rivalry? And many other issues.

With sensitivity to today’s parenting challenges and the conflicting information available online, we seek to educate and reassure by opening discussion with experts in the field of parenting and child development.





Keynote Speakers

Meet our most valued speakers

Tanya Fakhoury

Peaceful Parenting Coach | The Change Associates

    Bernadette Abraham

    Wellness coach - Nutritional therapy practitioner - b by Bernadette

      Anisa Al Sharif

      Parenting Educator and Founder of Tanshi2a

        Schedule 2019

        10:00am - 11:30am

        Practical Parenting | Solutions for modern-day parenting

        There are tons of books and literature around parenting. Our speakers are experts in different schools and will provide helpful techniques to everyday parenting challenges.


        • Bribe and reward, Time outs, do they actually work?
        • Miss guided parenting advice that promotes fear of listening to our children.
        • Digital Culture challenges and how to tackle screen time.
        • How to handle the classics: Tantrums, Nagging, Sibling rivalry.
        • Simple tools to get your children to “Cooperate” and not “Listen”.
        11:45am - 01:15pm

        Nutrition | How does food impact health?

        “You are what you eat”, is no longer a quote but a proven science.

        Our well-being cannot be sustained without good food and a healthy, functioning gut with which to digest it. 

        • What is the Gut-Brain connection? Often called, the 2nd How does this powerful organ function.
        • How is mood & behavior connected to food?
        • Junk Food and Sugar cravings. Childhood insulin resistance, gut health & diabetes
        02:00pm - 03:30pm

        Building resilience | Understanding Children and Adolescence mental health.

        Children and Adolescent mental health is a perennial concern – how can parents support young people in their quest to develop self – confidence, a positive outlook and strong mental health.

        • Building resilience and why its important.
        • Competitive culture that promotes a ridiculously high bar.
        • It’s a social world out there.
        • Mental health: Recognize the signs.
        03:45pm - 04:45pm

        Health | Practical health tips for raising healthy kids

        In recent years, tremendous advances in nutrition science have upended many historical paradigms and has established the relevance of specific foods and overall dietary patterns, rather than isolated single nutrients. Join our speakers and learn how to maximize everyday essential nutrients in your kids diets.

        • Reading food labels. What should you be avoiding? We explore hidden toxicity and exposures to be aware of.
        • Picky Eaters. A label a lot of children are faced with. We explore ways to tackle “picky eaters” syndrome with practical tips.
        • The Mouth and Body Connection. Dental hygiene beyond the “brush your teeth” twice daily.
        05:00pm - 05:30pm

        Cyber Bullying | Supporting Parents in a Digital World

        ‘Your Kids Online Reputation Matters’, Keeping children and Young People Safer Online, Understanding Young Peoples Online Socialisation, Benefits and Risks of Popular, New and Emerging Technologies – Platforms and features to be aware of, Practical Support – Recommended Software, Privacy and Safety Settings, Privacy, Reducing Vulnerability and Building Resilience in Children and Young People Online, Bridging the Gap in Communications, Promoting positive use.

          As parents, you will walk away with:

        • More understanding and informed on ‘the real picture’ of young people’s online socialisation and how they create and share information
        • Increased ability to engage and be involved with young people on these topics and increased knowledge of up to date popular and emerging platforms and apps 
        • More motivated and inspired conversation
        • More confident and effective delivery of topics
        • Increased ability to recognize and identify unsafe and negative use
        • Increased ability to promote and encourage positive and responsible use

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