Dr. Thoraiya Kanafani

Clinical Psychologist | The Human Relations Institute and Clinics

    Dr. Thoraiya Kanafani is a Ph.D. graduate in the department of Clinical Psychology from Walden University in the United States. Prior to that, she completed her Bachelor degree in Psychology from Concordia University, her first master’s degree in Educational Psychology from McGill University, and second Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Ottawa. After completing her education in Canada and working in many different settings, she moved to the Middle East and has worked in countries such as Bahrain, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. She is a Canadian licensed psychotherapist and a Canadian licensed suicide interventionist. She has been featured in magazines and newspapers as well as presents different psychological topics on radio shows and TV channels. She has conducted many workshops and presented seminars on various topics pertaining to psychology and mental health. She currently has about fifteen years of experience in the field of psychology and mental health.

    She has worked with a diverse client base including women with eating disorders, children with learning disabilities and those more clinically based (bipolar, clinically depressed, schizophrenics, anger management, suicide, etc). Her main expertise lies in working with adolescents (10-18), early adults, and couples, however, she has much experience working with older adults as well. She moved to Lebanon to collect data for her Ph.D. dissertation examining the relationship between alcohol consumption and motivational factors as well as personality traits among Lebanese university students while concurrently working at the St. Georges Hospital with MIND clinic as a clinical psychologist. After its completion, she moved to Dubai to work as a clinical psychologist at the Human Relations Institute and Clinics. Dr. Thoraiya is also a lecturer at Middlesex University and Heriot-Watt University where she teaches undergraduate and graduate level psychology courses.