Lulwa Alarmali

Clinical Dietitian | IOC Sports Nutritionist

    Lulwa Alarmali moved to Dubai four years ago to work with the athletic population as a sports nutritionist. Previously, she worked as a nutrition consultant with the leading weight loss company in Kuwait, as well as a clinical dietitian in a hospital setting with a focus on renal health. Her desire for understanding the human body led to an interest in functional medicine, and she shortly after attended AFMCP by the Institute of Functional Medicine, which she is currently a member of. Lulwa is currently completing a Fellowship in Nutritional and Metabolic Medicine, as well as a Clinical Development Program by one of the top functional medicine experts, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald. She has also recently earned a post-graduate diploma in Sports Nutrition by the International Olympic Committee. In her practice, she combines her knowledge of functional medicine and clinical nutrition to treat a wide range of clients, with a focus on improving gut, adrenal, and hormonal health.

    Insta: #thefunctionalnutritionist